This is unbelievable ....
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    This is unbelievable ....

    California politician arrested after spanking his 7-year-old daughter: 'It's something that we do'

    Kerry Justich
    Yahoo Lifestyle

    A Democratic assemblyman in California was arrested Monday on suspicion of child cruelty after allegedly spanking his daughter. On Wednesday, he claimed that he had only done so as a means of punishment.
    In an interview with the Fresno Bee, lawmaker Joaquin Arambula spoke about an incident at home Sunday night that led him to spank his 7-year-old. The following day, when she went to school, she allegedly told her teacher what had happened and expressed how she was upset about it, sparking an investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS).
    “I disciplined her as a consequence to something she did. This is something that’s really rare for us. It’s a tool of last resort but it’s something that we do. And I spanked her bottom,” he explained. “She was pretty upset, and she struggled to be able to share her emotions, as I’m sure you can appreciate a 7-year-old will. But that’s all that happened.”

    Joaquin Arambula was arrested Monday on suspicion of child cruelty. (Photo: Fresno Police Department)

    Still, Arambula was arrested on Monday night and accused of willful cruelty to a child. As of Wednesday, CPS and the Department of Social Services declared Arambula and his wife, Elizabeth, fit to bring their three children — aged 3, 6 and 7 — who had been staying with Arambula’s parents, back home.
    “It was us disciplining — normal discipline to our child,” Arambula said. “And I’m in the midst of a process that is playing out as we speak.”
    The Fresno Bee additionally reports, “Arambula thanked his daughter’s teacher, Fresno police and Child Protective Services for ‘doing their jobs’ and ‘following the process.’” Family psychologist Barbara Greenberg tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the incident was “handled beautifully.”
    “Anything that hurts a child physically and emotionally, in my opinion, is abuse and should be reported,” Greenberg says. “Too often kids go to school looking for help and they’re not taken seriously. The school took this very seriously, as they should, and they did what they were supposed to do.”
    As for the assemblyman’s actions, however, Greenberg says, “Nothing good comes from [spanking].”
    “There are much, much better ways to teach your children, and losing control and putting your hands on a child, there’s nothing good that comes from it,” she says. “You don’t create kids with self-esteem and with the ability to handle frustration by spanking them.”
    Arambula told the publication that he has no plans to resign. If convicted, the assemblyman could face up to six months in jail and possible probation.

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    California does not need to be part of the United States anymore, they don't like the rest of the U. S. and don't believe in kicking illegals out of the country etc. and now they are even thinking about taxing text messages to pay for people to have phone that can't afford them (illegals)? One F---ed up State to put it mildly.

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    I would have been arrested many times I guess. I call bulll****.

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    You and me both Russ, it is bull**** 10 times over, ignorant retarded shi*heads.

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    God said....don't spare the Rod......I would have spent life in prison, just because I believe in respect, discipline, and common sense.....just saying...

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    the libtards in kommiefornia have created a society that is a breeding ground for malcontents, poorly adjusted young adults and serial killers.... any time someone there doesn't get their way they go off on a killing spree... and THIS is why... it is NOT good to raise a child to never be able to accept discipline or not having it's way, nothing good will come of it.... and unless there is clear, convincing evidence of abuse, the school / state / city / government needs to STFU and mind it's own business.....

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    Nothing is unbelieveable in the world we live in today. More flak to come.

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    Willie, where you been, Brother.....glad your back....

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