Active Duty to Reserves?
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    Active Duty to Reserves?

    Currently an AD infantryman looking for some guidance. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in going from active duty to the reserves after finishing their ad contract. What was the process like? How was the transition like? and was it worth it or regrettable ? I'll be heading to the field for about three weeks and wanted to post this now, to hopefully come back to some responses. Any info/advice is appreciated !

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    I did 21 years in Reserve after my 4 years AD. Never regretted the move...

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    ls0896: I did my four years USMC active duty, 1975-79. After I got out I missed the military but I did not want to go back in active duty. I got interested in joining the Reserve. The USMC Reserve units were too far away from my home so I started looking into the Army Reserve (USAR)........and about six months later joined the USAR.

    Transition: It was a completely different world being in the USAR, not much good training, etc., and I hated the Army uniforms. Eventually I got used to the uniforms and doing it the Army way versus the USMC. The USAR has changed throughout the years. It is a much better organization, better training, just better overall since when I came in the USAR.

    In the USAR I started out as an E-4/Spec and retired as an E-8/MSGT. I stayed in the USAR thirty-four + years plus my four years in the Marine Corps, for a total of just short of thirty-nine years.
    I was in the Reserve for all the big action, Desert Storm/Iraq1, Iraq2, Afghanistan. I was not mobilized/deployed for the big ones but was finally mobilized after 9/11. I was mobilized to Bosnia, 2002-2003.

    The USAR led me to a Federal Employee job. I retired as a Federal Employee with thirty-six I am getting two retirements.

    As for joining the USMCR you can do it as a traditional reservist, one weekend every month and two weeks annual training or as a Active Reservist, full-time support for a USMCR unit. Here's the link for ENLISTED MARINE ACCESSION PROCESS INTO THE ACTIVE RESERVE (AR)PROGRAM:

    Semper Fi and good luck on your decision.

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