Prior Service age Question?
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    Prior Service age Question?

    My father served from 1990-2000 and was a PH/CAR recipient as a Stinger Missile gunner with 2nd LAAD in Desert Storm as well as a DI at PISC from 96-00 when he got out. He enlisted at 25 and got out at 35; is there any chance of him being able to talk to a PSR and re-enlist at 53? I know PSR recruiters have a quota like regular recruiters and he doesn’t want to entertain the possibility of talking to a PSR if there isn’t one, whether it not being possible due to his age or if a PSR wouldn’t want to fit an older re-enlistee in the quota. Neither of us know how the PSR process works and if an age waiver is a possibility the process to get that. Any and all advice/information would be appreciated.

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    I believe that his military age would be around 43 (53-10 yrs service) so that's would be pushing it. he might get an age waiver... when I went back into the Corps in 1990 my military age was 32 so it wasn't a problem. but when you crowd 40 and military age then it gets a lot harder...
    you will have to talk it over with PSR...

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