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    I have concerns about possibly having to get a criminal waiver in order to enlist. Iím 24 years old and I have been arrested twice in my life. First, I was arrested at 17 for possession of marijuana but it was ultimately reduced to creating a hazardous condition (a city ordinance violation). Second, I was arrested for minor in possession of alcohol at age 20. I was just wondering what my chances are of getting a criminal background waiver approved and how I should disclose my minimal past marijuana use to the Marine Corps.


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    In my opinion, your chances are not due to the pattern of continued bad behavior. good but disclose it to your recruiter the same way you did here, but before doing that check to see if any of the past criminal activity has bee dropped off your record it happens sometimes when something like the weed charge was reduced once and you being a minor at the time... a criminal waiver is a lot easier with just one offense.
    was the alcohol charge a misdimener?
    good luck,
    let us know how it turns out

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    Both charges were misdemeanors. Thanks for the advice to check it out before I talk to him about it. Hopefully it won’t affect my chances of enlisting. I thoroughly appreciate the quick reply and straight up answer.

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