SGM Victor Guerra, Medal of Honor recommended
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    Exclamation SGM Victor Guerra, Medal of Honor recommended

    My name is Scott Lupiani. I am an attorney in Buffalo, NY. I have represented Retired Sergeant Major of the Marines, Victor J. Guerra for the last 5 years, all pro bono. Victor was recommended for the CMOH in December 1969 for jumping on a Chi-Com grenade after an ambush. He saved the lives of 4 Marines that day (including himself). He was eventually given the Navy Cross. There is a lot more to the story, but suffice it to say, him and his family engaged me to try and get him the correct commendation (not exactly sure how to classify the CMOH) for his actions. Anyway, I am an 11 year Army Veteran, Airborne Infantry turned attorney.

    The men I am looking for are Lance Corporal Michael James O'Donnell (225 58 28) and Private PFC Robert Eugene Brown (251 95 12). They were all in 3rd Platoon, Company L, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marines Division (Rein). The event was October 27, 1969.

    If anyone can assist me in finding these men, the family and I would be eternally grateful. If anyone is interested in the story, I can be emailed at, and I will provide my phone number after email contact.

    Victor died about 3 weeks back. I was honored to have spoken at his funeral (the only person aside from the chaplain). He was survived by his wife and 2 children (and grand and great-grand kids). He served 43 years in service to our country. Three purple hearts, multiple terms of service in Vietnam, including 1967. He also assisted in the Beirut bombing matter in the early 80's. He retired in 1992, I think. Upon retirement, he was the most senior ranking enlisted man in the Marines and retired as the Sergeant Major of the Marines. He was a great man, and I cannot give up this effort to complete my mission.

    Any information, or any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you for reading this post.


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    I truly wish I could help.....

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    I was in the 5th Marines prior to the dates you've stated. I witnessed many totally brave Marines during my tour. If he rated the Navy Cross I'm here to tell you the difference between that and the Medal is very thin. Good luck for the family you're attempting to help sir. I commend you for your efforts. Thank you.

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