Wanted: 1970's pics of Schwab, Futenma, Upper/Lower MAU camp, Olongopo, Fuji and...
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    Wanted: 1970's pics of Schwab, Futenma, Upper/Lower MAU camp, Olongopo, Fuji and...

    I'm currently writing a detailed book about my USMC experiences and am looking for explanatory photos to go with the text. A photo is worth a thousand words, etc.

    At the moment I'm seeking clear, 1970's era pics of Camp Schwab...MCAS Futenma....Upper/Lower MAU camps... the Sky Club....Olongopo....BC Street....Henooko....and Camp Fuji for inclusion. I was floating around these places circa 1977-79, but in that decade their appearance stayed pretty much the same.

    Clear shots of the berthing quarters and mess deck of an LPD ship would be helpful.

    Any shots of any buildings such as barracks and Quonset huts, chow halls, 7 day stores, and nearly any Mainside buildings at the above locations would be helpful. But *ANY* photos of those locations, such as vista of the surrounding areas or surrounding towns (i.e. Gotemba, etc.), might be useful.

    Inside shots of the the layout of the squad bays and/or heads would also be helpful. The exterior of all barracks on Oki were identical, so even if I can't get shots taken on those bases, Camp Hanson etc. would likely suffice just as well.

    Also very useful would be clear pics of the interior or exterior shots of Camp Lejeune's red brick Mainside open squad bay barracks (1st Btn, 2 Marines) from that era....and interior/exterior shots of the multi-story dorm-type buildings at Las Pulgas, Camp Pendleton during that period.

    All photos will be attributed to the submitter.

    If any readers are curious, I was in 1/9....1/11....MAG/MABS-36....and 1/2.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I can't help yopu directly but I can put you in a good direction, I stumbled across this a couple days ago on Ebay..

    It's a 1977 cruise book for 2/9 from 1977, it's got exactly what your looking for...


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    Thanks FoxtrotOscar! 2/9 replaced us when we (1/9) got off float....but I had never heard of a cruise book until your post. I would have bought one back then if I'd have known they existed.

    I was hoping for color pics (not mandatory) but I'll give a lot of thought to buying that book.

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