Combat Camera 4612 Questions
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    Combat Camera 4612 Questions

    Hey y'all, I am coming in here to ask not only about what its like to be a combat camera, but also how to prepare for bootcamp. I am currently a junior in high school, but have my mind se t on being a combat camera in the Marines. What is it like to be a combat camera? What do y'all suggest I do to get ready for bootcamp?

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    Hi Austin--welcome to the site----pm a member named fl1946, who was in fact a combat cameraman. I don't know of any others on this site. But Frank is always very helpful.

    Getting ready for boot camp. Others will be along re the physical side of that, but my advice has to do with the mental part----simply make up your mind now to give 100% effort at all times while in boot camp, every waking moment. This determination and promise to yourself will see you through to graduation. In my opinion it is as simple as that, as far as mental prep goes. It would help if in the meantime you study the General Orders and things like that, but mentally you MUST make up your mind ahead of time, prior to arrival at Parris Island or San Diego, to give it your best, that is 100% or 110% each and every waking moment.

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