Slide for life obstacle confidence course Paris Island 1971
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    Slide for life obstacle confidence course Paris Island 1971

    Back in July 1971 I was in first phase of boot camp and from the top of the slide for life wire head first in the water below.
    No injury report was filled out.
    The second lieutenant in charge looked at my eyes to see if I had a concussion.
    At the time it felt like my head was pushed down between my shoulders.
    I continued training and graduated in September right on time.

    Now Iím having all kinds of neurological testing at the VA to see why Iím losing my balance.
    Is there any way of finding other incidents like this.
    I have noticed that this obstacle now has a safety net.

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    Do you still have your medical records and if not you want be-able to claim anything from back then. I fell also and I didn't report it at sick bay and now I'm having trouble with mine.. Good luck and hope you get some disability from it..

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