Marine Officers: Any advice for preparing for OCS
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    Marine Officers: Any advice for preparing for OCS

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently 19 years old and in my sophomore year of college. I recently started speaking with an OSO and i'm eager to begin the process of becoming a Marine Officer. They gave me a mock application and I completed it the day the received it. I'm far from applying for OCS because I have to prepare physically and academically. I'm applying for an aviation contract and I hope to fly, but my main desire is to be a Marine Officer. I'm going to PT sessions at the recruiting office, but I am struggling with running and pull ups, and for the most part everything. I am not the most fit guy out there. I am 6 foot and 217 LB. I used to weight 260 LB and lost weight. At this point I am dedicated to do what ever I need to do to make this happen. I need advice on how I should workout. Previous to talking to the Marines I was doing a full body strength workout 3 times a week, and I still do. I need to know how I can improve my overall endurance and physical fitness. I run on average a 9 minute mile, cant do any pull ups, and struggling with push ups and crunches. How can I train my lungs and body to run 3 miles and be as fit as an OCS candidate should be? How often a week should I run? and what exercises should I do inside and outside of the gym?

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    about the run tike, you need to run every day, you will in Bootcamp, at least three to four times a week after you did your running, you should do what is called a "gasser", that is where you sprint for 20 or so yards, turn and sprint back as fast as you can.

    about the pull-ups, you really need to find some place where you can do them, even if you can still touch the floor, (but just barely) that's the only way you're going to build up your arm and shoulder and back strength. that's where the pull-up happens at. don't do them every-day, do them every other day.

    Crunches need to be done every other day as well on the off days of the pull-ups when you do them do them to exhaustion.

    IE, for example, M-W-F pull-ups, T-Th-S crunches, Sunday take off then start again.

    that's what I did and what I had my Daughter do when she joined.

    Good Luck

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