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    Enlisted to JAG PLC


    I'm a current Applicant who is aspiring to get accepted into the JAG PLC program at the end of my senior year. My current recruiter told me that if I were to join the enlisted reserves with the 6x2 program and do well on my LSAT (160+) that I'd have a very good shot of being accepted into the program. He's suggesting that I ship for basic on January 2nd, which is in 2 months. I also read online that once you're in the reserves you can get ****ed with mandatory deployments while you're still finishing your degree and eventually never finish it.

    This leaves me with a couple questions:
    One: Does joining the enlisted reserves while still in college actually give a substantial benefit to the PLC application to the degree that my recruiters say it does?

    Two: Assuming that it is actually helpful, is it true that you can get assigned to a deployment that is more than the advertised monthly drill/ summer training weeks?


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    Joining the reserves does not necessarily give you a leg up into the PLC program you want.

    Yes, you could be deployed for much longer than 15-days annual training as a reservist. That's what reserves are for, backing up the active duty.

    I was an Air Guardsman and was deployed twice, once for 30-days, and then for six-months during Desert Shield/Storm.

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    If you do well at a decent law school that matters significantly more than prior enlisted service. Talk to an OSO, not a recruiter, to get a realistic expectation of what you should do to make yourself competitive for JAG.

    As far as being in the reserves, yes you can be mobilized and deployed. I was in Afghanistan between my Sophomore and Junior years of college. As far as you never finishing, that's on you as an individual. People take years of school off for all sorts of reasons and graduate. If they don't it's on them, whatever their reasons might be.

    I don't know you, but I'd caution you to think very carefully about law school. If you don't enjoy spending most of your life in an office, maybe try something else first. I only say this because wanting the adventure of joining the Marine Corps and wanting a career as an attorney are almost mutually exclusive. I heavily regret law school as I'm not happy with office work. I found out too late into the game to bail and pursue something else. Fortunately I have a patient wife who was cool with me pursuing another career. If you know you love office life, have at it. But the same reason I joined the USMC initially and recently joined the army, I like adventure, is why I shouldn't have gone to law school. If you have questions about law school, feel free to PM me. I went to a good school and just passed the bar, it's just not for me, and I'm happy to provide a bitter perspective!


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