Questions Regarding the 1300/CP Engineering Field
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    Questions Regarding the 1300/CP Engineering Field

    I Recently Depped in at MEPS San Jose on the 8th of October, and have a projected ship out date of July 22nd 2019. I have not locked onto a job yet however I am very interested in signing with the CP/1300 field for engineering and Construction. I do have a few questions regarding how I will be assigned a job in this field or if I get to pick which Job I want in the field. If any of you are in the field of work, please let me know what the day to day life is like, and how long/ what training looks like.

    The Following MOS's for the field above are:

    1316 --Metal Worker

    1341 --Engineer Equipment Mechanic

    1342 --Small Craft Mechanic

    1343 --Assault Breacher Vehicle/Joint Assault Bridge (JAB) Mechanic

    1345 --Engineer Equipment Operator

    1349 --Engineer Equipment Chief

    1361 --Engineer Assistant

    1371 -- Combat Engineer

    1372 --Assault Breacher Vehicle

    Thank You,

    Vincent Spadaro.

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    My mos was 1375. demolition specialist. but that was in 1954 thru 1958.

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    you will be assigned according to the needs of the Corps, if you have a high enough score and the Corps needs people in that field then you will have a good shot at it, however, it depends on how fast the field fills.

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    What no "1391- Bulk fuel" , I just loved smelling like jp-5 all the time. LOL

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