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    I have 03xx locked in as my job. Just out of over thinking and unnecessary worrying, could I loose my job if say I get super sick at boot camp camp and get dropped? Or if I get a 1st class PFT but a 2nd class CFT?

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    I don't think a 1st class CFT is a per-requisite for 0300. So the answer to that part of you question is no you won't lose the 0300.

    Super sick could be another matter. It depends what you're sick with and how long it will take you to recover. The flu? If you're out of training less than three days, no biggie. More than three days and you'll probably go to the Rehab Platoon until you are better, then recycle to a new platoon that is at the point of training you were in when dropped. But you won't lose the 0300 contract.

    If you come down with something that puts you out of action for a lengthy period of time, requires hospitalization, and it doesn't appear you will be physically fit enough to continue training after a reasonable period of rehab, you could be medically discharged, and of course, lose the 0300 contract.

    I had the flu really bad during snapping-in week at the range and lost three training days. My SDI went to bat for me though and the powers that be let me stay with my platoon and finish with them. I did qualify, so I didn't embarrass my SDI or myself. If you are a poor recruit, don't expect your SDI to do anything except wave bye-bye.

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