I was ELS (Medically discharged) during boot camp at MCRD San Diego
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    I was ELS (Medically discharged) during boot camp at MCRD San Diego

    I was ELS due to Illiobatial syndrome on my right leg. I shipped out April 2nd 2018 halfway my training during week 6 I was sent to MRP (medical rehabilitation platoon) got the therapy I needed to continue training. Eventually after a month I was put back into training 3 days afterwards I had an appointment with the corpsmen to check up on my leg. Asked if I was having any pain and I told them no, just feeling soreness and tight calves, but that I continued to foam rolled and stretched during square time. He ELS me after that. Got sent home on July 12th. I was told I was able to return with a waiver, but needed to wait 6 months before trying.
    I spoke with my old recruiter but he didnít seem like interested in helping me so I went next door to a navy recruiter. Theyíve been doing all the paperwork for my re-enlistment. I was granted 2 waivers for my past injury and shin splints. Iíve been waiting on the last waiver which is for my re-enlistment code, RE-3P. Itís been 4 weeks since Iíve heard anything. My question is, if Iím granted the final waiver, is it possible to return to the marines? This might sound nuts but I miss boot camp.. people might say it sucks but it was fun and I was actually going through it which has always been my dream.
    If anyone could give me some feedback about my situation Iíd really appreciate it..

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    now truthfully, are you really expecting NAVY recruiters to do all the work to get you waivers to enlist you in the Corps??? Sounds to me like you're going to be a sailor now.... if you are as much an "alpha male" as you think you are, try to get into the SEAL program, it "ain't the Marine Corps", but it sure could be a "viable substitute"..... good luck, however it turns out....

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