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    Amphibious operator

    Hello, I joined the USMC and ship out July 15th. I found out my possible top 5 mos's my #1 choice is the Amphibious Operator, I was wanting to be a gunner on a amphibious vehicle, I do not want to be a mechanic. If I choose the Amphibious Operator does that mean ill be a mechanic too? or will I just be the gunner or driver?

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    0 hour running time 3-4 hrs. maintenance ! yep you'll be both in a sense? 1833 is the MOS you want not Mechanic? the thing I enjoyed most was coming off a ship into the ocean!

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    ah okay, gkmos thank you, and no I don't to be a mechanic, I am not good with handy work but I love shooting big guns tho lol! thank you for your feedback!!!

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