Sgt. Major canley
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    Sgt. Major canley

    Recieved the moh today. Wondering if any of you old dawgs served with him. Ooooorah!!!

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    I never served with SgtMaj Canley, but I have studied the Battle of Hue extensively and wrote a college paper about it. I've always wondered why he didn't get the Blue Max way back then.

    There are a number of possibilities, one of which is the fact that one of Canley's sergeants was given the MoH and was KIA in the process. One to a customer (unit) as it were.

    A forum member fought at Hue, but north of the Perfume River in the Citadel. Canley's company fought south of the river. I'll let him ID himself if he wants to.

    I watched the presentation. The SgtMaj looks like he could suit up and do it again right now.

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    I served with 2 marines that i know of, were at hue, although i found out years later from books i read. 1stsgt. Lefefe, and my c.o. lt
    Col. Frank breth, he signed my promotion warrant for lance corporal

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    Zulu, I guess that would be me. I served with the 1/5 at Hue, north of the river. I hadn't heard of the SgtMaj before today, but very few of us received any decorations. I believe my battalion only received 1 silver star and 4 bronze stars for the entire battalion, though I personally never imagined such bravery as I saw there. I had only been in country 1 month but this is where I became a MARINE.

    Back in the day Gunny's were God's in the MC, I was very proud when my company Gunny told me "It looks like we found something you're good at."

    Semper Fi SgtMaj Canley.

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    Semper fi, to all of you who fought during tet. Imo, the true turning point for our country. While the real story is, the entire north viet nam effort, used in the 68 tet offensive, was a complete failure. The combined efforts of the nva and the viet cong, while a shocking suprize the first few days, turned out to be a total failure in the end. Every gain they achieved, was soon taken away. At a huge cost to both sides, but, clearly an American victory. Hue, re taken, saigon, re taken, khe sahn, held. But, in the opening days, walter cronkite delivered a report, outside of hue, saying the war, was lost, not winnable or words to that effect. And we have been fighting a war of opinion ever since. To me, khe sahn, not being over run, and hue, being taken back, proved that the americans could not be defeated in battle. Politics took over, tv images destroyed the will of the American people at home, and politicians seeking re election, over military victory, chose to cave in to the created narrative that tv sold to America. Sold as victory, the 68 tet offensive could have brought the north up off its knees, where they were after tet, and to the negotiating table years earlier.

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    Yessir sure does make Me walk taller after reading about this Gunnys actions knowing that I served with Men such as this back in ‘ alluded too by Russ most don’t get recognized for their duty but like I’ve always said Medals don’t feed the Bulldog...Congratulations Gunny C...You look Superb in them Dress Blues and you carry it very well...Godspeed too You Aye Aye Semper Fi

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