Initial contract E-1, update to E-2 w/ 23 college credits...No new contract given???
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    Initial contract E-1, update to E-2 w/ 23 college credits...No new contract given???

    Hello Marines! Today I was summoned by a new SSGT taking charge at my local recruiter station in Michigan to talk about updating my inital reservist contract as E-1 to E-2 due to me turning in 23 college credits and shipping early. SSGT told me I was promoted to E-2, but will not get a contract like I did at MEPS when I first signed. All I was given was a print off in the online folder they have on me from MEPS saying "College credits warrant promotion to the grade of E-2 per the Enlisted Processing Manual pg. 4-39 section 6." Was told that this promotion is in my shippinh packet and they will promote me to E-2 if I graduate Bootcamp. Is this normal? Any advice or answers are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    perfectly normal procedure... if you graduate bootcamp you'll be a PFC....

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    Thanks for the reply Master Sergeant! Looking foward to Parris Island, just want everything squared away before I ship and not be missing out on anything.

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    Do the best you can at PI and come back and resurrect this same thread and let us know you finished boot camp. Good luck.

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    And let us know if you're a PFC

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    Thanks for the advice and will update when I come back from Parris Island with enthusiasm if I earned PFC! Until then, this poolee is greatful for the replies and the opportunity to earn the title of United States Marine!

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