Son is enlisting. I have questions...
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    Son is enlisting. I have questions...

    (Admins, feel free to move this to "Ask a Marine" since I apparently can't post there)

    Our son is about to carry on the family tradition and enlist. He's leaning towards either tank crew or artillery. Looks like those MOS's are lumped into the same enlistment option (CE, combat support).

    He's also thinking of the 03xx Marine Guard option. Is that the FAST regiment?

    Anyone care to comment on daily life in any of those fields, or what the promotion track is like? I was a 7041 (Aviation Ops) from 1988-1993 and promotions were SLOOOOW.

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    wish I could help you, but I know nothing about the fields that you are asking about, there are a few other Marines that are active that know a lot about the field and the Corps as a whole today that should be along and help you out'

    Semper Fi. and best of luck to your son... please keep us up to date on his progress and what he decides to go for.

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    I was an 0311, you don't want him going there. Just saying.

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    Being an 0311 today is a lot different than it was in our day ...

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    Not sure if he wants to be a peacetime grunt. As for the other MOS' Google is your friend mate. Promotions are dependent on your MOS and are changing at the cyclic, this year folks were in zone for staff in my MOS and they were still on their first 5 year contract.

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    That’s funny you say that. I wanted to be an 0311 because I grew up watching movies like Sands of Iwo Jima. My Recruiter was one and told me exactly what you said. So I ended up becoming a 7041. It was OK. I got meritorious promotions to E-4, then when I could have reenlisted for E-5, I got out. Stupid, because I found civilian life boring and went back in. But I lost all my TIG and my new SgtMaj goes, “Aren’t you kind of old for a Corporal?” Hell, I was only 24, lol. Should’ve stayed in though. This was all back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

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