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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC 2571 View Post
    Chris, you must have felt like the leader of a real live expeditionary force. LOL. All that authority just out of boot camp....that reminds me of what happened to me and 7 others at Parris Island.
    I do remember the troop leader telling the mob of Privates that if they gave me any sh*t they'd be running up and down Old Smokey for the rest of the weekend. Of course, he pointed out Old Smokey to them. I got no sh*t from anyone.

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    We finally saw those "open squad bay barracks" when we got back from RVN, and usually, no body bothered us.... we DID, however, have a platoon sgt., that was a real PITA... thought he was "Gunny Highway" or something, long before Clint made the movie.... really got off to screwing with the troops, just because he could.... when the TET offensive started and we were put on stand-by to be re-deployed ( even though we were all "short timers and had been back from Nam less than a month or two in most cases) this particular SSgt was definitely headed for an "accident" as soon as we were back in country..... fortunately for him, he got orders to 8th & I and was transferred out before the deployment..... he DID teach me the difference between a "LIFER" and a "CAREER MARINE" that I never have forgotten.....

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    Someone we didn't like very well, a bullying Corporal, now a Sgt Major, Retired, but at Lejeune in 1965 he had starched his utility cover and remember the cover blocks, the piece of metal that went inside the cover and you opened it up and then secured it with a screw, to keep the shape of the cover when you sprayed it with Niagara spray starch?

    Trail some gunpowder from that wet starched cover sitting on top of a wall locker, out the barracks door, and put a cherry bomb firecracker in the upside down cover, and put some gunpowder in the cover itself and you have the recipe for a result that guarantees little pieces of a utility cover scattered throughout the whole area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC 2571 View Post
    Well, this was 1964-1965 and we weren't as tough as you folks that came there after us, that's for sure. No boxing in the barracks, or anywhere else. We got along pretty well.

    Nowadays I hear there are no more open squad bay type barracks.

    When I stopped by there in 1996 en route to Parris Island, the same buildings (barracks) were even then being renovated.

    Gotta have comfort above all else. LOL.
    Dave boxing was all in fun,lol, we did get new barracks before I went to the rock which was nice, Semper Fidelis.

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    Ronnie...what kind of new barracks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC 2571 View Post
    Ronnie...what kind of new barracks?
    For our artillery battery, 2 to 3 Marines in a room, went thru LeJeune in 2003 changed so much I couldn't believe it, was like I wasn't even there, the guns we used were lawn ornaments,lol, Semper Fidelis.

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    In 62 at Camp Pendleton close to pay day when everyone was broke we would find enough stuff to put in a sack to take to town and hock it until payday then buy a gallon or two of the cheapest wine we could find and take bus back to base and play cards till 1 or 2 in the morning, never forgot the headaches I had from that cheap wine. No one bothered us during those times, probably can't do that today.

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