Whos in combat in 2018?
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    Whos in combat in 2018?

    Just wanted to expand the last topic I posted, lets talk about whos in combat right now. Im wondering who knows alot about this. Which units are in combat right now or close to it? What do you guys know?

    Ive heard news of this January, 2 Marine Rifle platoons attached to special forces in syria directly engaged ISIS. Most be the luckiest Marines in the infantry rn. I know most to all special forces units are in combat around especially green berets. Idk if the Marines in Afgan are getting in any combat or just airfield patrols and training Afgan troops. and ive only heard of reserves going there rn.

    What are the chances with me doing Infantry and leaving june 17th 2019 for bootcamp of seeing combat in the next 4 years, or 8-20 years?

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    Impossible to tell. The more time you spend in, the higher the likelihood. 10-15 years ago it would be almost 100%, now its much less likely unless new conflicts erupt.


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