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    Sorry Russ-

    I should have used a


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    Happy Birthday Russ may you have many more

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    Thanks Jack, glad you remembered.

    Ed, there are no hi-jacks, especially for you brother.

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    Russ, just humor Ed.....he don't even know what high-jack means.

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    Quote Originally Posted by advanced View Post

    Thanks Jack,
    glad you remembered.


    There are no hi-jacks,
    Especially for you brother

    Thanks Russ-

    I didn't have the heart
    the other day when
    Billy-mongoose - posted
    that picture up yonder of his
    3rd Cousin JuneBug- who took
    all that time and effort loosing
    all that weight.

    Honest -June-bug was headin'
    out the door and down the road
    with what looked like
    3 BullDykes,
    and they was talking about
    an "all-night all-girls party"

    I doubt June-bug ever gettin
    married and baring children-

    well- unless she finds XXXXXX

    You and hims' much tighter
    than me and him-
    Soz yu tell him- it'd
    be kinder than me.

    thanks pal -

    OH -
    Happy Birthday again

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    WOW ,what was the subject again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mexbearlll View Post
    WOW ,what was the subject again...
    A picture says a thousand words. Just saying.

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