Which Marines deploy to combat most?
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    Which Marines deploy to combat most?

    Do Marine infantry units from east or west deploy more often to middle east? I know war is pretty much over and almost no infantry are getting CARs rn and all but when the war was big which one was getting deployed more? and right now who are the Marines in syria, afgan, iraq?
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    The Marine Corps sends units it feels are most prepared for the task. When Iraq and Afghanistan were going at the same time, the Corps deployed units in cycles. Six months or so pre-deployment training, seven months deployed, then back to the states for the unit to be re-built and rested. Old people transferred out, new people came in, people went to schools, etc. Then the cycle started again. All Marine Divisions had units deploying all the time, including the 4th.

    Marine units still deploy regularly on Marine Expeditionary Units, which are normally afloat unless needed someplace ashore, of course. The first Marine unit sent to Afghanistan was a MEU straight off the ships. They call it the longest amphibious operation in history.

    You have essentially no choice as to which unit you will be assigned to after MOS school. They give you a choice of East Coast, West Coast, or Overseas. Then they ignore your choice most of the time.

    Sometimes going to a combat zone is a luck of the draw situation (if you can call it lucky). It was for me when I went to Vietnam. The war was basically over for the Marine Corps in 1972 until the North Vietnamese started their Easter Offensive. Several Marine aviation units were redeployed back to Vietnam from Japan and Okinawa. I was in one of those units as a truck driver.

    The Marines in Iraq and Syria right now are mostly Raiders and artillery units.

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    Raiders will get the most "forward" opportunities. From what I've heard within SOCOM green berets have been getting the most combat experience given their train and advise focus and the nature of current conflicts.

    When the wars were raging, everyone went. Now its less of a sure thing... but I have buddies on their second enlistment who've never been to a combat zone and other friends in the reserves in Afghanistan right now. Luck of the draw and unit readiness are the primary factors.


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