Kyoto Tachibana SHS(Senior High School) Band... Outstanding
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    Kyoto Tachibana SHS(Senior High School) Band... Outstanding

    I have been following these kids for some time now.

    this is a Senior High School Band, these Kids are fantastic, they were also at the Rose Parade in Pasadena and at Disney Land this past year 2018.

    this is what we should be teaching our kids. disciplined and excellence, not protest and safe places.

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    Kyoto, is a great city. Had my R&R there many moons ago. It was the Capital of Japan before Tokoyo.

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    this school, years ago, was a private all-girls school, it went co-ed in the 60's I believe it is still dominated with 53% Girls, but in the band though it's still 97% girls, with a few Boys who are probably doing everything they can to stay in there and feeling

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    these kids are just plain awesome, to think they are a Senior High School Band, and they sound like this and have such great choreography as well? puts our school system to shame. you have to watch this, it is outstanding, I know now why my Friend Akio is excited for his Daughter to start her High School band program...

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