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    Spouse Related Question

    Hello, I'm new to this site and i cant seem to find the answer i'm looking for anywhere. My husband is in 29 palms and is in MOS. he's already put me in the system for DEERS and has did his paperwork to put me as a spouse in the system. my question is how long after he has been given his orders and knows where he will be stationed, will i be able to move in with him? He graduates in Oct. and his MOS is Communications. We just got married Sept. 1st. Thank you to any one that replies and helps with this

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    If he can get leave in conjunction you will be able to move with him right away, he will rate a home of record move where the Marine Corps will pay to move your stuff from where ever you currently are to where ever he is to be stationed. They will go over all of this with him before he leaves. As long as your husband isnt an idiot and can retain the information and ask the right questions everything will go smoothly.

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