Few questions for corpsman
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    Few questions for corpsman

    I’m currently a crash Fire rescue marine and EMR certified (soon EMT) and had a few questions. After my enlistment I want to go corpsman and preferably green side. What are the chances of this happening? I know the needs of the Corps and Navy but is there anyway to sort of “guarantee” a spot green side with infantry or something like that? And also how long is schooling and all that trash. Thank you!

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    The only guarantee I know of would be a Navy reserve contract for HM/8404 and then posted to a Marine reserve unit. But you would need to take to a recruiter for current info.

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    Iam the Doc of the past 1985-1992 and we had alot of Marines that turned Corpsmen in the early 80's, But keep your MOS because in civilian life being a Corpsmen didnt mean squat ,I am a retired LPN but you could do better in crash Rescue then a regular Corpsman,anyway good luck in your endevers.

    Semper Fi and God Bless

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF Desert Storm Vet.

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    This an old post but I’m gonna chime in now in case anyone is still interested in becoming a corpsman. The Navy is downsizing it’s Corpsman rating. You have to have the Chief at Meps call a detailer and guarantee you a spot. It almost didn’t happen for me. Also score highest possible score you can to make yourself competitive.

    They will tell you they can’t do it for whatever reason but stick it out for a spot. I was gonna walkout and they did get me in. Also they don’t mess around in Corpsman school, it’s fast paced and if you fail so many test, 2 I think, they will kick you out. They do not mess around. Their was another Marine in school with me and he didn’t make it, they sent him to a ship scrapping paint. Also in school we would be up till 2am studying. Some people would stay up all night and wouldn’t sleep at all.

    Now they send all medical personal in all branches to Texas and all medical people are trained the exact same way across all branches (which makes sense). They should of done this after WWII.

    In field med school ,Camp Johnson NC., females have an extremely hard time with it. You learn combat medicine such as direct pressure, tourniquets, field dressing bandages etc.... which is easy. The hard part for females is the humps. All have to complete the humps to pass the school. All the females fall out of the humps. Females definitely need to be in best shape they can be.

    Prior Marines and Army do well with the humps. We are in leadership positions and do most if not all the cadence for running and humping. This is what to expect if coming into the Corpsman rating from Marines or just prior service in general.

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    Thank you to all corpsman, past and present. We couldn't have done what we did without you

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