US Citizen Living in Canada-Want To Enlist
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    US Citizen Living in Canada-Want To Enlist

    Hey everyone,

    I am a dual U.S/Canadian citizen who is currently living in Edmonton Alberta.

    I am very interested in beginning the process of joining the Marine Corps as an enlisted member soon. I am just curious if living outside of the U.S is an issue for joining?

    Can I just drive down to a recruiter in Montana and go through the process with them? Or do I have to do anything through a U.S Consulate or the Embassy?

    Thank you in advance for any answers.

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    If you have American citizenship you should be fine, you are an American after-all. The recruiter closest to you should be able to get you an answer. The only potential issue may be if you are interested in a job that requires a security clearance.


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    You can go see a recruiter. The embassy or consulate won't be able to help you.

    You may have to move to the United States before the recruiter can officially work with you. He/she can talk to you about the Corps and what you need to do, but may not be able to start the enlistment process until you move. Bring all of you citizenship documents and high school graduation documents as well so the recruiter can look them over.

    Bear in mind, you will probably need a job after you move as enlisting isn't a one or two day process. It could be months before you have a ship date to boot camp.

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