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    Newbie on board here

    That would be me, bigstevemac, 1975-78 active, 78-81 inactive. 0311/0161 the mail guy. I support trump, i dont give 2 ****s who you sleep with, or what you do in your sex life. I dislike all media, including foxnews they all are biased and trying to sell crap. I dont care if the whole team kneels because i dont really care about football, keep watching it, less idiots getting in the way of my golf shots on sunday. I also approve of trumps selection of *****s, at least he paid them, and so far, none of his friends have commted suicide. OOORAHHHHHH

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    Steve....Mike warned me you might be coming this way.....welcome aboard Brother.

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    da fuq did I just read?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MunkyVsRobot View Post

    da fuq did I just read?
    Quote Originally Posted by Bigstevemac View Post

    My opening salvo
    Thats' OK Sweetpea- a few of
    the "More Intelligent
    " grunts
    have found their way here
    faster in the past-

    Welcome aboard

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