Cbrn Getting stationed in Monterey and PCS advice
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    Cbrn Getting stationed in Monterey and PCS advice

    Im currently coming up at my four year mark and actively looking for where I might wanna go next. Any fellow devils know how likely it is to get stationed in Monterey and as cbrn?
    Another question I have is,
    what are some opinions on best bases to be stationed for families?

    Thanks in advance gentlemen.

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    Gentlemen? huh, been called a lot of things but Gentlemen was never one of them...lol

    when I was in, a long time ago, Quantico was a great spot if you have a family they had a great PX and the last time I visited the base the PX was a huge shopping store.

    I don't know how family Friendly it is now but back then it was a great place

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    how have you been in for four years and still a private, update your profile Teufel dog. Like everything else it is needs of the marine corps. Contact your monitor hes the dude who can tell you what is available, no one on this board can tell you that unless your monitor happens to be a member.

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