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    Praying for all you guys & gals here’s too Yah Kegs

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    Stayed at home in Jacksonville also. Had a rough go at it for awhile, but everything turned out Ok. No power for 3 days but we are lucky as some still do not have any. Trees and power lines down all over, what a mess.

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    No major damage to homes in my neighborhood. A few chimneys blown off, privacy fences blown down, shingles and siding stripped from homes.

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    Glad to hear you came through it safely.

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    Kegler, what neighborhood you live in. I am on Pine Valley Road, Country Club Hills subdivision

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    I live in Hunters Creek ...

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    Not to far from me. Drove through that area and quite a lot of damage, lots of trees down.

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    I removed all of the pine trees on my property back in 1991, and both my neighbors on each side of my house did as well.

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    Hurricane Florence Shuttle

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    Hurricane Florence Shuttle

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    We are very lucky that we're not in a flood zone ...

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