Best Marine Infantry?
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    Best Marine Infantry?

    A couple question from a Poolee. (Ship date June 17th Parris Island, 03xx)

    Which is the best place to be as Infantry? Camp Pendleton
    , Camp Lejeune, 29 palms, or Hawaii?

    Are there Marine battalions, regiments, divisions that are generally considered better than the rest? for example Are the marines at pendleton better than lejeune?

    And out of SOI, Could you be put into a different unit besides the normal infantry battalions like LAR or one of the Ampfib assault units? Im going for 0311 at ITB, 0331 second.

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    Never was in the infantry but will add a couple thoughts just from a career Marine's perspective, for what they're worth.

    Best place. Definitely not 29 Palms. It's in the Mojave Desert which should tell you why nobody wants to spend anymore time there than they have to. Most grunts experience 29 Palms via Combined Arms Exercises (CAX) before deploying to the sandbox (Middle East). Obviously, HI is probably the nicest but also most expensive. Personally, I prefer Camp Pendleton over Camp LeJeune but again, the West Coast is much more expensive then the East Coast. You didn't mention Okinawa Japan where the 3rd Marine Infantry Division is located. If you want to experience living abroad and a different culture, Okinawa is a good choice. Grunts on Okinawa participate in joint training exercises in South Korea as well.

    There are normal rivalries between divisions. Meaning, grunts in the 1st Marine Division (CamPen) may believe they're better than all the others. There are actually annual competitions between infantry squads to determine the best in the Marine Corps. So, if a squad from the 2nd Marine Division (CLNC) wins the trophy, they could rightfully say they're the best. Historically speaking, only the 5th and 6th Marine Regiments (1stMarDiv CamPen) are authorized to wear the French Fouragere which sets them apart from all other infantry regiments. Thing is, if you stay in, you're going to be moving around to different units anyway. You may be assigned to 1stMarDiv out of SOI but reassigned to 3rdMarDiv upon reenlistment. Grunts receive the exact same training at SOI East or SOI West. Only difference is the training environment. There are really big hills at CamPen (SOI West) whereas CLNC (SOI East) is completely flat. Makes a big difference when you're humping (hiking) long distances with a full combat load/heavy weapons. Where you go for SOI will depend on where you go to bootcamp. If you go to MCRD San Diego, you'll stay at CamPen for SOI West. If you go to MCRD Parris Island, you'll stay at CLNC for SOI East.

    Anything's possible out of SOI I suppose (based on the needs of the Marine Corps), but you should expect to be assigned to a regular infantry battalion in the Fleet Marine Forces.

    Good luck.

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    Haha I’ve heard about how bad 29 palms is. Thanks for answering my question though.

    Another question- What is the difference in deployments for the divisions? Or do they all get to go to same places? Like who mostly does to the Middle East, Winter and arctic training, mountain training, jungle ect? And will I get to go to all of these through out my 4 years or more if I decide to re-enlist.

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    I've visited HI, but never been the Marine Corps base there. I've been everywhere else. IMO, Pendleton would be the place to be. No replacement for PTing where there are hills. Quality of life in SoCal is just better, too. Also, it is less wet and muggy than NC. For your time off, the surrounding areas are also much nicer than NC and 29 palms. HI could be great or awful, depends if you like being on a little island in the middle of the Pacific. Some love it, some hate it. Going out will cost way more money down there, but either way there is a 90% chance you spend all your money on alcohol and strippers no matter where you are. If you don't, good on you!

    Also, 1st MarDiv has the coolest patch, and therefore will provide for the coolest tattoo. I say this as a 4th MarDiv guy.


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    If you want to be Hollywood go west if want to be a true grunt stay east

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