CrossCountry Memories
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    CrossCountry Memories

    wondering if any of you "OlderMarines" remember Highway landmarks and such memoribilia - STUCKYs - SouthOfTheBorder- Burma-Shave Signs- and gettin screwed @ GrannysWh0rehouse ?

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    I do.......I have even had a couple of beers at the establishment the movie " Best little ***** house in Texas" portrayed. We called it the Chicken Ranch here in Texas.

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    I remember driving hwy 66 from Indiana to Pendleton and back in the 60s while coming and going on leave one time and then in 2000 I went to Albuquerque to bowl in a national tournament and parts of 66 were still open back then. You have to be an official "old fart" to remember doing this.

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    Melvin you do have it right my friend-

    Granny's wh0rehouses weren't
    as popular- and they weren't as obvious
    as say South of the Border -

    BUT it sure was fun-
    and sure broke the manotony
    stopping and getting screwed
    at Granny's

    RUMOR had it -
    there were over 3 dozen of them
    Just in South Texas alone-

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    OK Ed, looks like you belong to the old farts club but to your credit don't look like you have lost your memory(yet). It seems like the older I get the more I remember about the old days than I do about the present, maybe because I liked the old days more than now?

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    Desert water bags tied on bumper of my Dads car as we where getting our Kicks on ole Rt 66 many moons ago

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    Left Cleveland April 1969 Tues at 6AM drove the old Route 66 to Los Angeles to Oceanside arrived at 8PM thursday....Saw all of the aforementioned signs I'm sure ? 19 year old kid 62 Buick Skylark 215 cubic inch V8

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    Had 55 ford and remember the the water bag tied on the front going across the area where there was not anything for miles around. Drove my old ford from Indiana to Oceanside and had to park it outside base since I did not have a base inspection sticker. There was a Sgt that worked in my office that had a house off base and he let me park it at his house until I got it inspected as per base regs. I had to take the bus from base to town to be able to drive it. Always had friends willing to pay for gas and make trips all around Southern Calif during this time in early 60s. That was back when President Kennedy was shot and base went on lockdown. We were to have a junk on the bunk by the HQs commanding Officer when the news came down and at that time we didn't know what was going to happen, of course the inspection was called of. We also packed up part of the lst Div to send to the blockade for cuba during the early 60s also, I remember loading up boxes with waterproof paper to load on the ships sending our supplies. I missed out on this due to staying behind to help keep the "rear echelon" open (thats what they called it). That was a time when the world didn't know if the Russians would back off or not so all leave etc was called of and Marines had to be on base until further notice.

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