Question about enlisting.
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    Question about enlisting.

    Hey, wondering my opportunities, I recently graduated with a Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Technology, and I'm thinking about joining the Marines, is there any job related fields with my degree I could go in to? I'm a 30 yr old male with no prior military experience but with a family now, what is the average salary of a Marine? Thanks IN Advance . I'm I too old to join?

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    Yes, you are too old. 27 is the max age. Even if you were young enough, it would be very tough to support a family on E-1 or E-2 pay.

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    You could almost certainly get in on an age waiver. An associates will not allow you to come in as an officer so you would come in as an E-2. The pay would be very poor to begin with, but if your wife works it would be manageable.

    I think enlisting in the USMC specifically at your age would be psychologically very tough.


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    You didn't tell us the size of your family. If you have a spouse and one child, you can enlist; if you get the age waiver. If you have a spouse and two children, then you cannot enlist for active duty.

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