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    It's o.k. Kim....we're not hung up on even numbers....

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    HOLY HELL......say it ain't so.....please say it ain't so.....

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    Her panties are always just dropping off her boney butt so it doesn't really mean much but she did email me that she was very interested in Billy and Russ's "special tongue skills" posts.

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    We Love Girls Who Love Marines Thank You Kim

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe mccormick 3 View Post
    We Love Girls Who Love Marines Thank You Kim

    Thanks Joe

    I do love y'all, you've filled a lonely void in my life and been a great inspiration to me to suck it up and be a better person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post

    HOLY HELL......

    say it ain't so.....


    say it ain't so.....

    Bless you're PeaPickinHeart
    Billy Mongoose .....

    that woman sent you this

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	17456145.jpg
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ID:	32909These are more in line with my taste, Ed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    These are more in line with my taste, Ed.
    Billy! You are so nasty!

    a new low...

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    Ed's concerned I may have hurt Billy's feelings calling him nasty.

    Billy's a nasty boy!

    I call it like I see it.

    (Don't mean I don't love him more for it)

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    our boy Billy Mongoose takes great pride in being just about the NASTIEST individual in the entire state of Texas, and for sure the nastiest individual on Leatherneck.... he has ideas of nasty that he hasn't even begun to share yet....

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    What it is......I am not afraid to express my all of you know, I love to pull the scabs off nasty women's beavers with my teeth. Nothing better tasting than that thick pus oozing out. It also is a great lubricant .....just saying

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    Looks like I won't be having dinner now.

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    Kim, don't get skirmish on me.....Marine Grunts are a different Breed!

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