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    Yeah, they kept asking me what octave I am and I’m like I have no freakin idea, all I’m doing is reading the lyrics and if those notes go up or down I go in that direction.

    I guess all these years torturing my neighbors as I belt out Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” in the shower has paid off…

    You’re right though, I didn’t think about that I can’t fake it anymore in the front row… or go to church all high… I guess that’ll help keep me straight, they do say the Lord works in mysterious ways, praise God!

    "Ooh, it gets dark, it gets lonely
    On the other side from you
    I pine a lot, I find the lot
    Falls through without you
    I'm coming back, love
    Cruel Heathcliff, my one dream
    My only master"

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    I'm trying to stick to these topics but I'm running out of material unless y'all want to look at a bunch of photos of sexy Marines in dress blues marrying Jody loving Barbie dolls, there's plenty of that.

    But I did find this super cool old pic...

    Photograph / WWI Era

    United States Marine Corps / USMC
    EGA - Eagle Globe and Anchor

    Living Human Portrait
    Mole & Thomas
    100 Officers and 9000 Enlisted Marines

    Parris Island, South Carolina
    Year 1918

    Brigadier General Joseph Henry Pendleton Commander

    From November 11, 1918 to September 25, 1919,
    Brigadier General Pendleton commanded the Marine Barracks.
    Parris Island, South Carolina

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtiny02 View Post
    16 y/o Wannabe here. What I love about the Marines is their brotherhood, fierce fighting style, and their History.
    I'm sick of this thread, the title is too long and there's only so many ways I can say that I love Marines and I'd drop my panties for a good one if I ever met one in real life.

    Wannabe BigTiny02/Ben King from Vegas said it best anyway, kudos to you...

    I'm going to think of a short thread title where we can talk about anything, I'm not good with rules and limitations.

    Somebody spray this thread with an AK and Billy have one of your gals take a steaming crap on it and let's flush it down the LN toilet...

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