First Term Lat-Move
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    First Term Lat-Move

    Hey Gents,
    Iím coming up on my eas and currently thinking about re-uping with a latmove. Iíve heard that first term marines usually get a little of a say so where they go next. However since Iíd be latmoving Iím just wondering if I still get a say so or once I switch mosí I go where the corps need me?
    Thanks in advance.

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    A little bit more so, but needs of the Marine Corps always applies. You can go somewhere if there is a spot open and your monitor is willing to work with you. Like everything else nothing is guaranteed.

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    The individual you need to be talking to is your unit Career Planner. They're the duty experts on lateral moves, know what the rules are, and know the history of how lateral moves worked out for the Marines in their unit (if they had any say in anything or not).

    Good luck Devil.

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