Local Marines make it big !!!
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    Local Marines make it big !!!

    2 LN Marines Featured on GEICOŽ commercials - BeltBuckle !! ________________________________ ........................................... word has it - a INDIANmotorcycle rider & a snake killer mongoose stared on a geico commercial and made guest apperances on a geico beltbuckle viewed below- Attachment 32788Click image for larger version

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ID:	32789 Russ on the left ? Billy in the Barrel ? oops

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    Ed......Russ and I, are having an autograph signing forum created for all you common people to get to know a real Marine Grunt Celebrity.

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    Yes, I'm getting prices on our autographs so that we can say something personal, like to common person #__. Then all we'll have to do is insert each person's personal number. I'm making stamps for Billy and I so we can get the autographs done really fast. What price do you think we should charge?

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    Now that's an idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer View Post
    I was also thinking a Leatherneck Nam Marine holiday calendar, show these kids what it looks like on the other side of retirement.

    Photos of y'all sitting on the front porch with a tallboy polishing your rifle and a couple of hotties with their panties around their ankles.

    Think about it, money maker.
    How much do you think we should charge the hotties with their panties around their ankles?

    I wonder what else we could take in trade if they can't afford us.

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    delete...double post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer View Post
    ​Who wants a mustache rider?

    fixed it for you.....

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    Kimmer, I was just thinking that YOU were looking to ride a moustache, my brother Russ can hunt up his own riders.... 'course iffin you wanna prove you're a real girl, I'm willing to verify the "outcoming" so to speak.....

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    My style mustache is called the All-Day Tickler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer View Post
    Do you have a moustache? We could settle all of this once and for all.
    YEP... had one since 1966, used to be a "handlebar", but now it's just a "USMC regulation" stache...

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