DD368 - Changing Branches
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    Question DD368 - Changing Branches

    My understanding is that an inactive duty marine can apply for another branch. If I was to sign reserves, am I 100% committed to the Marine Corps for 8 years? Or is reserve duty similar to active duty, where the last 4 years of your 8 year contract gives you the possibility of changing branches? Thank you for your time.

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    You belong to the Marine Corps for 8 years. You can ask to be released from the Marine Corps Reserve, but there is no guarantee that you would get released. No one can predict the future.

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    As has been suggested, it is more or less completely up to the Marine Corps. Certain opportunities make them more or less likely to release you. They seem to be happy to do it if you are commissioning in the Marine Corps, and often in another branch. That said, things can change.

    It is much easier to get a conditional release from the IRR to go into another branch than as a reservist on active drilling status.


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