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    Quick question

    Hello everyone, just created my account here. This is a great site, thanks for having me. Anyways i have wanted to join the Corps since i was 9 and i am now 16. I had one quick question. I am allergic to Augmetin but am otherwise in perfect health with no injuries or intolerances to speak of. also i am physically fit. the reason i came here is that it would just suck to go to the recruiting station and do all the stuff to find out i was never really eligable at all because of that one problem with augmetin. So yeah please let me know if i am good to go or not. thanks!

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    No recruiters here so don't know if anybody can answer your question.

    Good luck.

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    Various antibiotic allergies are common and not generally a disqualifier. I doubt it'll be an issue considering I am allergic to some antibiotics as is my wife and neither of us even needed a waiver to enlist given our allergies. In fact I think my wife has a penicillin allergy (Augmentin is in that family).


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    Thank you sir i appreciate it.

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