that time of year again
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    that time of year again

    couple days this month-

    Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki


    the tonkin gulf resolution.......

    Just a couple of quickies.....

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    yeah, Ed, I'm expecting the annual show of "Monday Morning Quarterbacks" that were not even born yet to start spouting off about how "unnecessary and inhumane" it was to drop those bombs, and how it would have been so much less costly in lives to have "negotiated a peace" with the Japanese, or to have "invaded the home islands" as a last resort..... nutjobs that are poorly informed, poorly versed in real world history, and determined to change what was into what they wish it had been....

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    William, most people have no idea what they are talking about, when it comes to the actual story of the atom bomb.

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    you are RIGHT, Billy, nor do most realize that more people were killed during the firebombing of Japanese cities than were killed by the atomic bombs.....

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    Actually, dropping the 2 Atomic Bombs on Japan saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

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    Very true, Billy.

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    If we hadn't dropped those bombs I may never have been born. My father would have been one of those Marines landing on their mainland and his luck may not have held. Anyway, can't change history even though the lib's think they can.

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    Used to sit on my front porch and watch the sky lite up when I lived in Fresno, California and they were running tests in Nevada. Now I live in Nevada.

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