Question about Marine Corps Hymn and National Anthem
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    Question about Marine Corps Hymn and National Anthem

    is it just me or not, but I still get up and stand at attention whether I'm home or at a parade when the Marine Corps hymn or the National Anthem is played.
    it can even be in a movie that I'm watching and when they play the Marine Corps hymn or the National Anthem I stand up and my wife looks at me funny. it's something I never got out of the habit of doing, if I don't I feel like I committed a crime, it really bothers me if I don't to this day at 64 yrs...


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    Pat, when I hear either one, it always brings back memories of those Marines that I knew personally, that never left the battlefield alive. Never got to have kids or Grand kids. Never got to experience life such as we have. When I see azzwipes disrespecting the Anthem or the Marine Corps Hymn, I want to tear their head off and shet in their chest cavity.

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    I do the same Pat! It's part of whom I am. May it never go away. It restores my pride and puts a skip In my walk! It's part of being whom and what a Marine is!


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    It's good to know that I not the only one, even if I'm home and watching an old show like Flying Leathernecks, When they play the Marine Corps Hymn in the beginning I stand, my wife still looks at me and wonders why, but as a civilian, she doesn't understand.

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    You are not alone!

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    civilians just don't get it, and they never will.... the OATH that we took is so ingrained into us that it has become part of our DNA... as long as we are able, we will continue to show the love and respect that we have for our country and CORPS by performing the simple act of standing at attention when we hear the Anthem or the Hymn...

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    Whenever I hear the Hymn I tell those around me that they're playing our song. Our Hymn is the only battle song of all the services, to me that says something.

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