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Thread: Lost

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    Ever been somewhere,
    wonderin' iffin' you already came
    and did, what you came to do,
    have it yet to do - before you leave,
    -or if you should just shake around
    pretending you're happy with it all !!!

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    right click it and see it all

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    Once again, Ed has shared his tremendous insight into the complicated issue of what to name your mouse traps. This dilemma has challenged our greatest minds for Centuries. I commend our brother, Ed....for reminding us that our fight is never over. We may not find a solution to mousetrap naming in our lifetime.....but our it doesn't change our goal to press forward for the answer, and NOT pass this challenge on to our next generation.
    I salute you, Brother Ed. Once again you have shown us the error of our priorities.

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    Thanks Mongoose -
    at least you didn't come in
    here ,,,,,,,
    opening your trap........


    Sayin' somethin' silly

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    I know Ed....I always spring into action...

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