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    TAD order

    Afternoon Marines!

    I'm currently TAD at a MOS school as a prior service CPL. I'm here as a Lat Mover and am being treated like a pipeline student. They just recently restricted the prior service NCOs from driving their POVs for what seems to be no reason. Is there an order that clarifys our restrictions while on TAD? We were authorized by our command to drive, as well as approved thru DTS. We drove for the first week, and was told today that we could no longer use our POVs without a special request. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Youre a student deal with it. Guess what if you are prior service you know what the deal is, you didnt join blindly you enlisted once got out decided 1st civ div wasn't for you. You IMHO have 0 room to say anything about anything because you know the score before you did anything. This is an organization of orders and everyone has someone telling them what to do, you are also in student status the most restrictive of status' so you might want to just live with it. Just because you are a corporal doesn't mean you are an adult **** i am 34 years old as a Sgt and I still don't get to do everything i want

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