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    Yeah and as you Marines I'm sure all know very well from boot camp, it's a sign of strength to be able to keep your cool, adapt and show respect to someone that you may not necessarily like. I've had to deal my whole life, this guy should be able to suck it up on occasion. And I'm allowed to complain about my Dad and sister but I want a man who is smart enough to never get involved and always be kind to them no matter what I've shared with him.

    Oldtop is right, if some guy can't handle a little heat from my Dad then how's he going to hold up under other adversity that comes our way in the future.

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    I seem to remember when I got married, there was a phrase in the vows that said something like..."forsake all others"......which I would assume means, you only have to kiss the azz of your spouse. Also, Sweetie, that road goes both ways. Your Dad would not intimidate me. I only show respect to those who respect me for who and what I am. Also my Love.....handling adversity is one thing.....kissing someones azz to gain favor, is not a Marine tradition...believe me.

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    Well I guess that’s why my sister and I will always be single, neither of us is going to give up our Dad who’s busted his azz providing for us and been loyal to our family for 50 years while most men just run off with younger women and most marriages don’t even last a few years these days anyway.

    If a guy isn’t strong enough to keep his cool and find common ground with my Dad then he’ll never, ever be able to understand me or what I've been through or be any kind of assistance to me anyway.

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    That's why I chose William! He knows my Dad doesn't want no azz kissing, he just wants to know his daughter will be in good hands. I know he's super smart and a rock and he would figure it out!

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    You need not think that pleasing your dad is a requirement for finding a suitable mate. Although it would be great if your new boyfriend/husband gets along with your family, still, what you feel must always come first.

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    I KNEW it was William, just had a gut feeling. I called up Russ last night but could not understand a word he was saying, with his sobbing uncontrollably. Hot Memphis Lovin' was anything but hot. And Billy Mongoose was not in a better mood than that. He cut me short with a long exhalation of breath and sobbed I Tried I Tried I Tried. And me, I'm just sittin' here wondering where we all went wrong, what turn we took that caused Kim to choose William. But we wish them well, we're not bitter about it. Just because we'll never look upon the sunrise in the same way again, just because our dreams are shattered, just because beautiful sunsets remind us that we had a chance with Kim, no, Oldtop won out, fair and square and we wish him well, but please don't expect us to go on with our daily lives even though we weren't chosen.

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    now the only hurdle is convincing your dad that a guy his own age (or maybe older) is the best match for you, and we're off to Vegas..... LOL.....

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    Well I'm back everyone, didn't even know I was involved in some kind of contest or I might have stayed.

    My vacation this year took me to the FAR East. You see, I've been thinking of all those sleepless nights deep in the bush. Hot, sweaty, sometimes screams seemingly out of nowhere. Late at night I would sometimes wonder if all those experiences were actually real or not. I found out that yes, they are/were real.

    I would now like to introduce you all to some of my grandchildren. And what perky young ladies they are. They like to call me Boo Koo #One Grandpason. What's really awesome is that each and every one of them are dead ringers of how their grandmothers looked back in 1968.

    And each one has their own distinct personality, I guess that's because they all had different grandmothers. I never would have thought that so many of them would have green eyes like their Grandpason. It seems that they hold a deep reverence for me with all the songs they sing to honor me. A couple of them told me they thought I would have been bigger, but of course I had my pants on.

    So, looking back, I am now comfortable with the fact that all those sleepless nights in the deep bush were worth it, though at times it was difficult, I know now that I made a difference.

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    Russ they’re all so beautiful! You’re so lucky!

    William do we have any children or grandchildren? I always wanted to be a mother, this is so exciting! Tell them I will never try to replace their mother, hopefully we can all spend the holidays together as one big, happy, modern family.

    I’m sorry I got defensive about my Dad, I’ll address that later, I’m not avoiding y’all. I just taught my first Christian Kundalini Yoga class today and I get real anxious about change and new things so I’m decompressing. It was amazing though, the ladies absolutely loved it.

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    Don't know about everyone else, but, I actually have 8 children.....22 Grand-kids and 7 Great grand-kids. All by one Woman. God has blessed me.

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    I love that!!!

    I hope all y'all had a bunch of kids, we need to repopulate the real men on this planet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer View Post
    Here you go Ronnie, my Dad's first love.

    Nice Kim, but I like the C3 Vettes more, mine is a 76 last year of the Stingrays, I believe the 2014 was brought back as a Stingray which a good friend of mine has, Semper Fidelis,

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldtop View Post
    I'm thinking I'd get along just fine with your dad, Kim, if he's the way you describe him, we have a lot in common.... besides, we'd be able to bust each other's balls, he likes Chevrolet and Corvettes, and for me, it's MOPAR , or No Car..... in the 60's, 'vettes were pretty, but Super Stock Plymouths and Dodges ruled the racetracks..... ... besides, a "hell raiser's spawn" is just about right for me, just sayin.....
    Top when I got out of the Corps I bought a 69 Dodge Super Bee 383 Magnum 4 Speed for 1600 bucks, fast fast fast, sure do miss the car, Chevy has the most wins in Nascar, Chevys rule the dirt tracks in the Dakotas, Semper Fidelis,

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    Her papa looks like he owned a "Fuelie" Vette ? 365 H.P.

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    I know weíre all joking around about a Marine husband for me, but thatís the key word Ďhusbandí. I try to tell all my guy friends that, Iím not looking for a boyfriend, or a lover, Iím looking for a husband. And I know what I like and need and thatís a man thatís calm, cool and in control, no matter the circumstances. That turns me on so much you have no idea because itís something I will never be and my Dad could never be either. Those kinds of men are heroes in my eyes, they make me feel safe and secure and bring out the best in me.

    And he has to be responsible and loyalÖ.Hot sex and handsome would be nice too but those are much lower down on my list.

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