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    That's good to hear, Kim....it would be good if more Americans would follow the dictates of common sense and respect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer View Post
    I could never bring home Billy or Russ unless it was to be my Dadís new buddy, not his son in law. My Dad is actually a lot like Billy, highly charismatic and offensively hilarious, Billyís just much sweeter. And my Dad's a ladiesí man like Russ and a total gearhead, he loves muscle cars and bikes, he was a drag racer and raced at Bonneville.

    I need a man whoís going to get along with my Dad and my family (because I canít) and I need someone thatís very kind, patient and solid as a rock because Iím full of holes unfortunately.
    I am on the same page as your daddy,lol, I have been a gearhead myself forever, building drag cars, dirt track cars, done a ground up restoration on my 76 Vette, SFMF.

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    Yeah, my Dad lives and breathes hot rods, always has. He had many jobs as a young boy because he knew he wanted to buy a Corvette when he turned 16. He totaled it I think or Papa took it away even though he'd bought it with is own money. I'm not sure, you don't ask my Dad questions.

    He was supposed to retire many years ago and cars were supposed to be a hobby but that hobby became another career buying and selling classic cars. I like the car world, it's a lot of fun hanging out with all those rednecks and I have a lot of appreciation for the classic cars too, they're like mechanical artwork.

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    Us older Marines grew up driving what is now Classic Cars. We have very fond memories of driving our girlfriends to the Drive-Inn movies. Driving out to our secret and sometimes not so secret, parking spots. Sometimes telling them about some monster roaming around the area, so she better get closer to you. We would drive through town challenging all our buddies to a race. Nothing better than driving the open roads, while your girlfriend gives you a great hand-job, or B.J. Just before that final eruption.....you are doing 110 miles an hour and can't focus on the highway. Then when it's over, you apologize, like the Gentleman you are....and tell her you have to take her home because your respect and love for her is so overwhelming, you have to have time alone to relish in yalls great love. After taking her home, you're on the main strip looking for another overwhelming Love.

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    Like I said Billy, you and my father are a lot alike. That’s pretty much the exact story of my parent’s courtship. My Dad is a couple of years older than my mom. My mom never had a Dad, my Grandma’s husband was a drunk POS that left when my momma was born, which was unheard of back then in the South. My grandma ended up in a wheelchair and my mom was raised by her mom, grandma and my Aunt Weezie who’s husband had been killed on a construction site.

    My mom was and is to this day the sweetest, most naive lady but she’s strong. My Dad can be yelling the house down and my nerves completely shot and my mom will be like “Look Kim, there’s a family of deer over yonder!”. Hahahaha, y’all are from a different time for sure...

    But anyway, my mom was/is not worldly by any stretch of the imagination. My Dad said he tried to get her to go away but she wouldn’t stop circling the block and flirting with him when he’d be washing his car. He said she was so cute he finally broke and he started taking her out and having her home by her 8pm curfew and then he’d go pick up a slutty girl and take her out so he could get laid.

    I guess my mom was hell-bent on destroying her life so she got him to ask her to marry him. When he came to take her away my Grandma and Aunt Weezie beat him with brooms and wouldn’t let her have one thing except the clothes on her back. He took her to K-Mart, bought her new stuff and they got married at the courthouse the next day… and they’re still married today, over 50 years later…

    My mom had only ever even kissed one man before, a sweet, kindly man that became a preacher. I could have been the daughter of a preacher man but instead I’m a hell raiser’s spawn.

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    Here you go Ronnie, my Dad's first love.

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    I'm thinking I'd get along just fine with your dad, Kim, if he's the way you describe him, we have a lot in common.... besides, we'd be able to bust each other's balls, he likes Chevrolet and Corvettes, and for me, it's MOPAR , or No Car..... in the 60's, 'vettes were pretty, but Super Stock Plymouths and Dodges ruled the racetracks..... ... besides, a "hell raiser's spawn" is just about right for me, just sayin.....

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    My Dad would like all y’all and y’all would like him and yeah he lives for thrashing just like Ronnie.

    He collects and loves all American muscle cars and hot rods though, he’s extremely eclectic to the point where he bewilders the other car guys.

    I think a Marine would fit into my family but he thinks I’m delusional, I just see it. He tells me I have nothing in common with and don’t know the first thing about no Marines… little does he know… I just need a man my Dad can’t push around but also knows how to show proper respect and is worthy of my Dad’s respect.

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    Kim, you do realize that ALL DADDYS are overprotective and somewhat aggressive when it comes to their "little girl"... they ALWAYS try to "push the prospective son in law around".... just to see what he's made of.. the trick is to know when equipoise has been achieved so both men can walk away content that "their little girl" is safe.... then Father and Son in Law can be friends.....

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    Well my Dad had three beautiful, intelligent, fun-loving daughters, none of which ever married if that tells you anything. The last time I tried to date was a couple of years ago, a career Marine race car driver I met at a car show, all my bells and whistles went off like a pinball machine that hadn't been plugged in in years. My Dad was so pizzed off seeing me giddy like that over some guy... We had that Marine running for his life within a couple dates though, it's going to take a Kamikaze Marine, just saying.

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    64' Pontiac GTO was my main ride in HS...

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    I was born at the wrong time, I belong in that sweet, pristine ride with a real man not in some damn Prius with hippie stickers and garbage tossed around.

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    We're all friends here so I'll give my opinion, and it is just my personal opinion, but when it comes to choosing a spouse, it would seem that that decision should be based solely on what the man or woman feels about that potential spouse, not what any other family members' views might be, either for or against.

    No one else has to live with that other person for the rest of his or her life except the one actually marrying.

    But as I said, this is just my view of it. Yours may differ. But I think it makes sense.

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    I hear ya Dave, but it's different when you're a girl with an overbearing Dad. And as much as I've rebelled against my Dad my whole life I know that he's a very smart man and he only wants the best for me.

    I had one serious boyfriend in my life in my 20's, he was a Jewish, nerdy writer. My Dad didn't understand it but the guy treated me really good so my Dad was always nice to him. That guy ended up becoming a famous Hollywood screenwriter and now my Dad is like "great job screwing that one up Kim".

    Anyway, my Dad can be mean but he's got a good heart and my family is really fun. We've been through a lot, some very tough times, and it's important to me that I marry someone that enjoys spending time with my family.

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    Yes, that's always important, that part of it--someone who enjoys spending time with your family.

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