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    Glad to see you posting Sweetheart.

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    Merry Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer View Post
    Ronnie, I donít even know what youíre talking about, it seems like youíre in a natural state of pizzed off. Iíve only been trying to joke around with you and deflect your attacks. I came here to love Marines not annoy them but it seems I do. I need a time out anyway, Iíve got my own stuff Iím dealing with.

    I highly recommend everyone listen to Bret Baierís interview with Mad Dog Mattis at the Reagan National Defense Forum today. Mattis is such a clever, intelligent, inspirational man. He said something like when the President of the US calls you to do something you donít waffle around about Republican or Democrat or if you agree with this or that, you answer the call of duty.

    It really struck home with me because I feel like Iíve been called by an even higher power to help other women. I didnít even want to go to my own yoga class today, didnít expect anyone to show since it was raining and had honestly planned to throw in the towel and buy a fat sack after class and curl up with Gus on my futon and blaze more of my days awayÖ But the women kept coming in the door, every age, every kind of woman, some struggling with loneliness and addiction like me and others who have experienced the absolute worst possible experience in life, losing a child. And all I could think was thank you Jesus Iím not high today and I can be the real me and teach the best class I can. And I did. We worked out hard and we laughed and in the end we hugged and talked and supported each other like broads desperately need in this world today.

    Anyway, Iím in love with yíall and Iíve learned so much from you but I need to quit crushing on older Marines that have been married for decades and get out in the world around me. I need to stop judging and hating on women and instead try to start creating the sisterhood that we need too.

    Iím sure Iíll come crawling back soon but for now I need to straighten my mind out and come up with a good game plan for 2019. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the love and laughs!

    God Bless the Marines Corps Forever!!!

    I will always love you!!!

    Lmao, wasnt attacking you at all, I am sorry if you took it that way, Semper Fidelis Forever.

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    No worries Ronnie, I’m overly sensitive but I’m studying y’all and getting tougher! I was having a rough week but I’m feeling much better. I've been 100% sober since the Marine Corps birthday, woot woot!

    Hopefully y’all won’t think I’ve been cheating on you but I’ve been listening to a great audiobook by a Navy Seal named David Goggins called “Can’t Hurt Me”. It’s an awesome listen if anyone needs to get pumped up to kick life’s azz. One of my career Marine buddies told me that the Navy Seals do BUDS on the same course and equipment as the Marines do on Coronado and that Marines were the original instructors when they started up the Navy Seals so maybe they’re like y’alls step brothers?

    Anyway, his start in life is almost exactly like mine even though he’s a black guy. He grew up angry and depressed and was working as an exterminator and decided he wanted to join the Navy Seals. He lost 106 lbs in 3 months and taught himself to swim and had to educate himself because he’d cheated his way through school. Now he’s a living legend, at one point he held the world record for the most pull-ups in 24 hours (4,025 in 17 hours). He’s done countless ultramarathons and he went through Hell Week three times. It’s really inspiring to listen to, I can kind of imagine what all y’all have been through. I’m really enjoying it. I’m trying to “callous my mind” hahaha! And he said the same thing my Marine buddy told me “The only thing that goes with the flow are turds and corpses”. Oh man, I’m not in yoga class anymore…

    *Russ, I’m still reading your book slowly but I can't sit still to read and my brain is too mushy right now to absorb all that deep stuff but it is powerful.

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    A little something to raise your spirits.....

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    That will wake them up after my book club post, many thanks.

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    I don't like to brag, but around here I'm a living legend as well sweetheart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by advanced View Post
    I don't like to brag, but around here I'm a living legend as well sweetheart.
    I know Russ I saw in the Guinness Book of World Records you hold the record for giving a woman the most orgasms in 24 hours. Heroic and masterful feat there.

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    Russ is right, Kim....he is our only triple azzhole. He was voted most likely to get you pregnant by his senior classmates. He was unanimously appointed by the 5th Marines to represent them in the 1968 DaNang " Love you Long Time " contest.
    Russ was awarded the coveted Vietnamese Micoxaflopin Medal. He is remembered as a generous Marine Grunt, who went above and below common virtue, to help support the older sisters of numerous young Vietnamese boys. The "Vietnamese Order of Old Mama-Sons " erected a life size Statue of Ready Russ, ( as he was lovingly know), for his tireless and relentless contributions to the " Old Mama-sons need Sex Too Foundation. I could go on and on, but Russ is very humble and I don't want to embarrass him.....just saying

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    Billy, if I’ve learned anything it’s that you can’t just hope and pray for something you have to work for it. The World Record Fairy doesn’t just give you one of these records, it requires years of failed attempts and getting right back on that Mamasahn and trying again.

    My panties off to you Russ.

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    Thank you Honey. To say the least I'm very embarrassed with Billy telling you just some of my accomplishments. As you are aware the world has changed and men with my past/present/future are looked at differently today. But, I must live in the present and we cannot live in our past accomplishments.

    On another note, I've never taken anything from any Fairy as I'm kind of against the way they are.

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    FROM THE PAST: Meade River

    Well gang, guess what time it is again. That's right, it's MeadeRiver time again and we're still here. I once again salute my brothers Billy and Jack for saving my life as come this Monday or Tuesday back in 68 I was supposed to become dead. What a ride it's been, I'll tip a couple in yawls memory this evening my dear brothers.

    Billy, I don't know if you remember but I once told you how I got screwed out of my R&R when they cancelled all R&R's because of MeadeRiver. So there I was, laying on my belly for days, eating dirt and starving and freezing realizing that this time I was a goner for sure, all the while knowing that instead of being there I was supposed to be in Sydney hooked up with some beautiful round eyed girl.

    But, I later realized that I was where I was supposed to be with my highly developed Marine Corps talents and all. I sure was glad when you all showed up, we sure gave them sum payback. By the way, don't feel sorry for me because I more than made up for lost time with the round eyes later on. Just saying.

    Believe it or not, while I was writing they just played an old Box Top's song, ohhhhhh the memories.

    (Mongoose) just think brother.....50 years ago, on this day, we were full of pizz and vinegar and had on our war face. Who would have thought, that in just 10 days, the 3/5 would suffer 65% casualties and the 3/26 would suffer 50% casualties. As we moved from the Hook to the Northern bunker complex, fighting was so intense, that in many cases it became hand to hand combat. Jack and I would not make it to the Northern bunker complex, as we were both wounded at the Hook. I Salute all those Marines who gave it all and those who live to tell the story. The 3/26 was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for it's action. In 10 days the 3/26 was awarded 1 Medal of Honor, 2 Navy Crosses, 10 Silver Stars, 33 Bronze Stars with " V ", 64 Navy Commendation Medals with " V ", 84 Navy, Marine Corps Achievement Medals with " V ', The Navy Unit Citation Medal, and God only knows how many Purple Hearts. The 3/5 was so battle torn and combat depleted, it was deemed ineffective for further combat operations. It would take a long while for the 3/5 and the 3/26 to get back to combat ready. God Bless all those who died and all those who remember.....

    It was that Young Marine with the Rifle that had too ferret those die hard Commies out and Kill them...Hell im a Lover Boy can’t believe I survived that Chit Love All Marine Brothers & Devil Docs I really Do Aye Aye Semper Fin

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    I’ve been piecing together this story since I got here, I didn’t realize it was called “Meade River” and I knew it was really bad but 50% and 65% casualties is unthinkable. I am so deeply sorry for all the pain and loss and the permanent toll it’s done on everyone’s minds, hearts and souls.

    I don’t claim to have figured out what’s going on here in life but I do know we’re all connected if not One being that thinks it’s separate. And I also believe there is a whole spiritual world where our lost loved ones are a prayer away, cheering us on and one day we will be with them again.

    I’m so happy though that y’all took brotherhood to heart and for forever and it wasn’t just a Marine Corps slogan. And I’m so thankful that I’m lucky enough to have such incredible men as my friends.

    Peace be with all of you during this time, I’m sure 50 years ago feels like yesterday, today.

    God bless you.

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    Love my Marine Brothers.....especially those who walked beside me into Hell....

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