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    Yeah, how do you think she got that lipstick smeared all over her teeth?

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    NOT from painting her lips, that's for sure...

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    This isn't the same lady I don't think...this one is the hottest of the old fashioned MILFs...

    "mature" they call them

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    They all look enticing to me....

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    Kimmer they all look nice and you too.

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    Fer as "Frisky" as kimmer is,
    has been, or wants to be....
    wouldn't surprise me someday
    for her to tell us that she's
    snuck in a picture of her mother.
    But was affraid to tell us..

    Besides -
    Kimmer's already showed me her


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    Ed, you're blind as hell, Brother....Kim don't have a Monkey......she has a Beaver...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    Ed, you're blind as hell, Brother....Kim don't have a Monkey......she has a Beaver...
    He's right Ed, that was my mom's monkey I sent you.

    Here's my beaver...

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    Here it is getting a good workout...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine1955 View Post
    Kimmer they all look nice and you too.
    Thanks, Bill.

    It's almost Christmas again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer View Post
    not bad at all, Kim, but the "lady in black" is still "DA BOMB"!!!!… but like I said, I'm sticking with YOU....

    SOMETHING about those "mature women" has always been a turn on for me....

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    Billy, "pullleeeaasssseee!!!!! I haven't had my coffee yet.... THAT is an image that will be burned into my retina's for the rest of the day, unless I go outside and look directly at the SUN!!!

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    I like the sexy "mature" ladies too, they all look so happy. Maybe I should start wearing lingerie everyday as a natural antidepressant.

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    It would be an antidepressant for us, too.

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