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    I looked it up, it's near Chattanooga, TN...I think...it sounds like a sleepy mountain town where GA, AL and TN meet. I say we pick a week and announce...

    it's Leatherneck Week at Lookout Mountain!

    ...and just take over the town, Marines everywhere! Wahoo, let's do it! This is the greatest idea ever, my panties just flew off!

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    I read his post again, he said Mentone, AL...so it will be...

    Marine Week in Mentone

    ...Marines can come from everywhere and just take over the town!

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    you're right about the location, Kim, about an hour south of Chattanooga TN., on I-59, but be warned, it's a DRY COUNTY.... if you want so much as a beer you better bring it with you, or you have to drive to the state line where there's a liquor store... the only place with an "exemption" is the local Santa Fe Steak House, which has great food, unlike some of the Santa Fe's I've been to in other places...I'm not sure that sleepy little burg is ready for the likes of us in numbers, no telling what kind of trauma we'll inflict on those folks.....

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    We’re going to blow the panties off Mentone!

    Sounds like The 7 Ps could come in handy...we can have beer and alcohol delivered and waiting or I have a van I could load up...I can't even drink anymore but I certainly appreciate the importance of it and I have no problem driving an hour for beer in desperate times, it certainly wouldn't be the first time, just saying.

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    Mentone is calling, the tourism bureau says we're more than welcome anytime and they love Marines!

    They've got everything we'd ever want in a relaxing vacation like...

    duck hunting...

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    and for me quiet and skillful archery (at inanimate objects)...

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    and of course they've got fishing!

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    and for our beloved Billy...


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    A few pictures from where I live......

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    That's really beautiful...next time I'm driving cross country I'll come visit you!

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    Billy, I always thought that the "Hill Country" around San Marcos was the prettiest area of Texas, but if that is really up around where you live, I must have been mistaken....

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    William, these pictures are the Hill Country. Lived there 30 years. Burnet County, north east of Austin.

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    My best friend is from Austin and has a house there, I could end up going through there again some time, if so, I'll visit for sure.

    William, I'm very sorry about your best friend. Gus and I will meet up with you in Mentone anytime just let me know. Take a real vacation soon!

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    Yeah, Kim, I will, life goes on, you just have to roll with the punches and drive on... Billy, that is one beautiful section of Texas, without a doubt... before I +found the mountains in Alabama, I was going to retire there, I am a native TEXAN, just like you....

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    We love you William!

    Have a nice weekend, retire soon and start building...

    Leatherneck Lodge

    If you build it we will come!

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