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    Well she can be a great dancer and not have to be a stripper that would be a miserable existence. I had a good friend that was a go-go dancer in fancy dance clubs in LA, they'd pay her a few hundred dollars a night + tips to dance half naked in an elaborate costume in a cage above the crowd. Your niece could also be a back-up dancer or a dance teacher. I love dancing myself (and nudity) so I get it!

    I looked there are some cool stand alone ones, this one comes in brass for $800. I wonder why she wants brass I can't stand the smell of brass myself.

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    I'm the one that picked the bass, I've never seen one in another metal, so I figured they were all brass... Stainless Steel would probably be the strongest and most durable, other than that, aluminum would about round up the choices... of course, these days, some enterprising soul might try to make one out of carbon fiber....

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    We Marines like brass because that's what our shell casings are made out of. You ought to smell them when we've lit up a few and they're Hot, nothing like it. Ohhhhh; the memories.

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    I would want chrome and it's $100 cheaper.

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    Tell your niece to think outside the box! Do you think this gal ever thought she'd be pole dancing in a T-rex costume in front of a huge audience some day? Probably not just saying...

    She's got her stand alone pole, the possibilities are endless.

    ...T-Rex pole dancing, I'm sure Ed has a huge boner now...

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    looks like the T-REX ate something that didn't go all the way down!!!

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    Heehee, she's lucky to come out that end alive.

    It looks so fun, now I want a stripper pole too, William!!!

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    And for the pole dancer that's really on the go...

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    For the "Ho on the Go" the ad says!

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    kind of a "you ring, we swing" type thing.... and one of those poles might go well with your "yoga"...

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    Yeah maybe if your niece gets her a Marine bodyguard boyfriend she can take her act on the road and work bachelor parties and Bar Mitzvahs. If I can give you any advice it would be for you to choose the guys who install the pole, arrghh I had to see a few too many pole fails, she could break her neck!

    I'll stick with yoga and bellydance thank you, this is sexy to me, belly dance is about subtlety...

    This gal is a pro!

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    nothing really "subtle" about that, Kin, only question is when and how far will it go......

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    Well true middle eastern belly dance is subtle, in fact the dancers are usually very covered up and the men lose their minds just watching the way the hem of their longs skirts moves because they can only imagine what's going on with their hips under there.

    I was in a tribal belly dance troupe for years in LA, we danced on the Venice Boardwalk, bars, old folks homes, we didn't care as long as we had an audience! Belly dance is very challenging, it requires isolating muscles and moving them to a rhythm. Learning how to tease and engage the audience like that dancer above is a whole other level!

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    that is about the best way to describe belly dancing.... a TEASE.... and "teasing" is only acceptable for just so long, then it gets aggravating....

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