Trying To Decide on an MOS
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    Trying To Decide on an MOS

    Hi Ladies!
    I have been a Marine Corp brat since I was born, so fulfilling 3 generations of Marine Corps honor in my family means a lot to me. However, now that I am looking into what MOS's are available within the Marine Corps, I have a TON of questions. I haven't been able to really speak with my recruiter much since Thursday because I'm the type of person who hates to be a pest. SO! I figured what better place to ask away that a forum full of Marines, Vets, and Poolees.

    1. I am looking into the MOS 0231 Intelligence Specialist. I know that I need to get a 110 or higher on my ASVAB to even have this as an option, BUT, should I have this open I want to jump on it. However, I'm trying to get stationed on Camp Pendleton, Ca, as I was born and raised there. So my question is, is there a school dedicated to the MOS 0231 on Camp Pendleton or would I be based on the east coast of the US for schooling?

    2. As I said before, I would absolutely LOVE to get stationed in California, more specifically Camp Pendleton. I am aware that after boot camp, I will be asked where I'd like to be stationed, West Coast, East Coast, Overseas. How much will it affect my stationing to choose West Coast as my Primary choice and what is percentage that I will get stationed where I'd like to go?

    3. How long approximately is the MOS School for Intelligence, and what are some of the specific jobs that the 0231 MOS actually gets to do?

    4. Finally, I have a good idea of what to expect in boot camp, but personally, what are some tips that you wish you knew before boot camp that would help move things along for me?

    I appreciate any answers that can be provided and I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me out!

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    The school for 0231 is in Dam Neck, VA, assuming you qualify ASVAB-wise and get through your single-scope background investigation successfully. I believe the 0231 school is three-months long.

    As far as getting stationed at Pendleton, that is a crap shoot. Sure, you'll get to select West Coast as your first choice if you want, but where you will really go will depend on the needs of the Marine Corps. What you want doesn't enter into the equation unless, by luck, that is where the Corps wants you to go. There are other places you could end up on a West Coast selection, Miramar, and 29 Stumps being two of them.

    As to what exactly you do is analyze intelligence that is collected by others for veracity, accuracy, and actionability, and then disseminate that intelligence where needed.

    You might be sent to a language school too.

    As to boot camp, since you are a female, my advice is to get your hair cut fairly short by your favorite hair dresser so you don't have to screw around with sock buns and can quickly wash your hair during your regular shower. Your hair will get dirty and sandy every day. You won't have time to properly wash and rinse long hair. You'll have to do that in the middle of the night in the wash tubs. No blow dryers allowed or available. I gave this advice to my daughter before she went to Air Force basic and she followed it. She was grateful she did as even the Air Force doesn't give their females time to properly wash long hair, nor allow blow dryers. She got a pixie cut to make certain it stayed short enough. It grows back and boot camp is not a beauty pageant anyway. She wears her hair a lot longer now, but has more time to care for it as she is an E-6 about to make E-7. She sure can whip on a sock bun. My daughter recommends you get your hair cut a week or two before shipping so you can get used to the feel of it and can learn to care for it properly. If you have long hair and can't take care of it properly and keep it regulation, your drill instructors will probably take you to the female hair dresser on base and you won't like the cut you get (and have to pay for).

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    I appreciate the tip! I can understand the reasoning behind cutting my hair before boot camp and I think that is an awesome tip! Thank you for the information!

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    Will echo what Zulu 36 said about your duty station assignment after MOS school. The needs of the Marine Corps dictate where you go (always), that "wish list" is just that. Case in point. My niece was the class leader, honor graduate, and meritorious Lance Corporal out of her MOS school. She was hoping that would improve her chances of going to Camp Pendleton - it did not. The USMC needed her at Camp LeJeune, NC, and that's where she went for her first duty station.

    The hair thing is a personal choice. My niece kept hers long (passed her shoulders). I can tell you, she went through a lot of hair gel keeping it up in a tight bun. She was always asking us to send her more Gorilla Snot (apparently not available at the recruit exchange).

    Send me a private message. I'll give you my niece's email address, she'll be glad to answer your questions. This is her hair before going to bootcamp:

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    Can just barely get a glimpse of her bun here on the right:

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    Don't worry about what job you can get. You're there to serve. You'll do fine in any mos

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    Yes, but best to select a job you will be most happy in. A happy and motivated Marine works out best for both the Marine and the Marine Corps.


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