Comms Boot going to 1STMAW! Whats it like?
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    Comms Boot going to 1STMAW! Whats it like?

    I finally finished schooling for 0631 (Network Admin) and I'm leaving 29 Palms here in a week or two. I was just wondering what it was like? Do they do a **** ton of deployments? should I get my passport before I leave the states?

    Thanks again

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    deployments will depend on the unit you are assigned to, as for passport, none is needed for active duty personnel, your military ID card serves as your passport...

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    Takes a couple months to get a tourist passport (at least), you're a little late. If you need a passport to do your job, an official passport will be issued to you (and kept in safekeeping till you need it).

    Did two tours with MWHS-1, 1stMAW, FMFPac. That's a headquarters squadron. We didn't deploy but we did participate in exercise Team Spirit in South Korea with the South Korean Marines. Not sure, but 0631's may be assigned to MWHS-1 (can't remember all the MOS's we had in our squadron).

    You'll enjoy Okinawa or Iwakuni whichever one you end up at. Good luck Devil.

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    Thank you info!
    I'm asking about a passport not because it's something I need to get to Oki, but because I want to visit some of the Asian country's in the area once I've got some leave saved up!

    Thanks once again

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    Understand. You need a tourist passport (along with a visa for the country you want to visit). Like I said, takes around 60-90 days to to get one after you apply. Go to your local post office for details (not all post offices process passport applications). You can apply before you leave and your parents can mail it to you when they have your permanent mailing address. Think I paid $90.00 for my tourist passport, good for 5 years.

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    Was in Iwakuni Japan and enjoyed my stay there got to see two Cherry Blossom festivals and it was a blast to attend .. great education to be there learn some of the language and see the sights..

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    Was there in 65 I remember the Cherry Blossom festivals, sitting along the river drinking beer. Do you remember the lighting of the candles and floating them down the river to honor their dead from Nagasaki? If I could have stayed in the Wing I would have probably retired from the Corps but that was not going to happen, my mos was 0121 and there weren't that many of us around so my duty stations were limited at that time.

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