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    Thanks Rollie, you may be my new bestie, 23 years active AND you have a Schnorkie! I'd never even heard of a Schnorkie but it sounds like the most genius combination since Reese's mixed chocolate and peanut butter. Nothing I love more than a man with a purse dog. I would always tell my single guy friends they should walk my Yorkie to pick up women because a woman sees a man confident enough to stroll around with a purse dog, he's got it going on big time, he doesn't need to worry about compensating for nothing.

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    Kimmer, you know you're going to be everyone's new girlfriend on this site...don't you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattlesnake View Post
    Kimmer, you know you're going to be everyone's new girlfriend on this site...don't you?
    Russel, don't go there, Brother.....I fantasized about Kim first. Also, I'm the best looking of all ya'll....Click image for larger version

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    Best birthday ever! I can finally brag about having a Marine boyfriend, ten of 'em! Billy definitely has the best abs but all my Marine boyfriends are stellar studs in their own way.

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    Happy Belated Birthday, Kimmer, and welcome aboard.... oh, to be 47 again, but it is what it is, I guess....

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    Whoa the BMOC, you were active in the Marine Corps for almost as long as I've been alive! Thank you for welcoming me aboard SIR!

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    please, Kimmer, don't call me SIR, I WORKED for a living..... you know, there was once an argument between officers about SEX... The General thought that SEX was about 60% pleasure, and 40% WORK.. the Colonel thought it was 40% pleasure and 60% WORK... to settle the argument, they asked the GUNNY, who promptly told them that they both were wrong.... SEX has to be 100% pleasure, because if there was any WORK involved at all, the officers would have the ENLISTED men do it for them.... Argument settled.....

    OBTW, how do you feel about PUGS... all I have left is my PUG, my YORKIE is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me, he passed on June 18th.....

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    YOU had a Yorkie and now a Pug! I think I'm in love My first Yorkie is waiting for me too, tell yours to look for Homer J up there.

    The Gunny was 100% right! But now you've activated my overactive imagination and I can't stop thinking of a Colonel commanding an enlisted Marine to come finish off some broad in his tent in the desert. "Boy, come finish this lassie off, I've got some real work to do!"

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    I didn't see the "passed on June 18th" part, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm still not over losing Homer and that was 2012. I never got married or had kids so my Yorkie sons are the loves of my life.

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    Kim, I hate to burst your bubble, but, OldTop is not what he used to be, Sweetie......Click image for larger version

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    Oh my goodness, OldTop has let himself go a bit. It's ok, I'm a professional yoga teacher and amateur psychologist, I think I can help. First put down the PBR and bucket of KFC and take some long deep breaths. Observe your feelings. Is it possible you are trying to distance yourself from your previous life of a 1000 pushups and pull-ups a day? Maybe you could find a healthier extreme opposite like taking up yoga or canoodling with a purse dog. I have found both to be quite pleasurable and a substitute for my own addictive behavior. Just know that no matter whether you're a youthful, ripped Marine stud or an obese redneck that's about to explode you should love yourself for who you are today. And always remember Jesus loves you no matter what.

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    I hope that's not really OldTop I would feel terrible I called him a redneck. I come from redneck stock myself, I have great affection for them, robust and entertaining individuals. If that is you OldTop, this is no state for a self respecting Marine to spiral into. Please allow me to help you. If the gentle yoga method is too boring and annoying I think I could attempt some more aggressive methods. I've seen a lot of military movies, I think I could channel a Gunny. I can yell in your face and slap you around if that's what you need. I hear this S&M stuff is very en vogue these days, you may enjoy it. We'll have you fitting in your old blues in no time.

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    sorry, Kimmer, while I am not the MARINE I once was, I surely have not yet descended to the sorry state of the individual that my brother Billy has shown you... it is just that he wants to keep you all to himself, understandable of course, while we may well be "brothers", most of us have yet to embrace the "Kennedy Lifestyle" of passing around women from brother to brother.... so there WILL be some competition for your attention.....

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    I’m gullible but I was having a hard time believing that guy was a Marine much less YOU. I’m not one of these modern, empowered, pass around gals anyway. I can talk a lot of smack but in reality I don’t even date it’s so creepy out there these days, a sea of sleazy Kennedy’s. I’m actually kind of a hermit and sing in the church choir believe it or not. And I told y’all I tried to date a Marine last year and it’s not a match. This guy was fearless too, 15 years active, 5 deployments, had an IED explode on him but two dates with me sent him running for his life! I'm immature, I have the mentality of a high school girl but trapped in a 47 year old body. I’m still living in some fairy tale, soul mate, happily ever after delusion and that bait don’t catch anything these days. Oh yeah, and I’m too honest. This is all irrelevant though, this is the interweb, let's all suspend reality and just have fun.

    You’re a great writer btw, OldTop. I'm putting you down as my favorite Marine, sorry other boyfriends.

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    Thank you for the honor of being "your favorite Marine", it truly IS an honor.... the thing one needs to remember when entering a "relationship" with ANY career Marine is that you CAN be his A#1 girl, "soulmate" and all around love interest, but the absolute BEST that you can ever hope for is about the same as being his one and only MISTRESS, because he WILL be married to the CORPS, first and foremost. Honesty is a MUST in any relationship, besides, it is easier to keep up with when you are being honest... liars eventually trip themselves up one way or another....

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